Newborn Session Styling – What to wear?

What to dress your newborn in:

When considering what to dress your newborn in for their photography session take these points into consideration:
  • What fits them? Clothes that are cute but are big and baggy will require more time to position to make them look right in the photos.
  • What colours are you wearing? Does your newborns outfit clash with your outfits? Colours that belong to the same palette go together. Think all the muted autumn colours look great together (red, orange, yellow) as well as, all the cool sky colours (blue, teal, white).
  • Patterns and bright colours: clothes that are patterned or bright will look very intense in the photos and can take away from expressions.
  • Finding clothes that fit a newborn can be tricky, if you are finding it challenging do you have a swaddle or wrap that you love, that you can wrap them in instead.

What to wear yourself:

What should you think about when dressing yourself and your partner:
  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Do you feel comfortable and stylish in the clothes? Do they fit your new postpartum body? Feeling good will make the photos more relaxed and stress free.
  • Steer away from bright colours and patterns. In the same way you should avoid bright colours and patterns for your newborn the same goes for you as well.