Redlands Coast Wedding Trail – RCWT

2022 Reveal:

Firstly, we love the Redlands and are so thrilled to be a photographer located in this amazing pocket of South East Brisbane. Therefore we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Redlands Coast Wedding Trail (RCWT) 2022. This amazing venture showcases all the amazing venues and vendors in the Redlands and highlights how picturesque and unique this corner of Brisbane is. Our studio is located at Alexandra Hills and we have been photographing weddings throughout the Redlands for 25 years. As locals, we know all the best locations no matter what type of wedding styling or vibes you are after. Therefore we know every location for every style wedding photography and we love to help the legends in front our cameras to find the perfect spots to make their photography dreams a reality.

Secondly we are very biased about being a photographer in the Bayside and love to take every opportunity to show that we have it all, from the bush to the beach! With amazing Stradbroke Island only, a boat trip away to the fabulous lush countryside vibes. Therefore the RCWT is set out to showcase all that the Redlands has to offer and outline a route to explore these locations.


The fabulous venues along this route include:

  • Hogans Wellington Point
  • Fiction Bar and Restaurant
  • Comfort Hotel Pacific Cleveland
  • The Grandview Hotel
  • Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Carriage Room
  • Redland Bay Gold Club

At each of these venues there is the chance to meet local industry professionals to help you plan your wedding day. This includes; photographers, décor stylists, celebrants, hair and makeup, florists, wedding cakes, transportation, entertainment, accommodation among other epic things. Each of these suppliers are locals who know each other and love to work together. Because there is nothing that makes a wedding day run more seamlessly than when you are surrounded by wedding pros who have worked together countless times before and can rely on each other to make every detail come off without a hitch.

Make Sure to Come Along:

The first RCWT event will be on Sunday the 27th of February 2022 from 10am to 6pm. Make sure to check out all the details here:

Finally, Papillon Studio Photography will have a stand at the Lighthouse Restaurant. Come along to chat all things weddings with us!

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