Should you hire a cheap wedding photographer in Brisbane?

It is so easy and common to start looking for a Brisbane wedding photographer by typing into your google search: cheap wedding photographer, affordable wedding photographer or budget wedding photographer near me. Although what are you actually getting when you hire a ‘cheap’ wedding photographer to capture your once in a life time moments? And why do professional photographers charge so much?

Like any other professional service you hire, there will be a huge range of prices. Some laughably high and others appealingly low. While it might be tempting to hire the cheaper photographer here are a few considerations when selecting a professional photographer over a cheaper competitor:

Professional photographers shoot with quality cameras and lenses, that will produce a high-quality image in any light. The lenses will give different effects such as an in-focus subject and a blurry background or a totally crisp image depending on which lens they use. The photographer will also have back up cameras and lenses in case the worst happens on your wedding day.

Experience! A professional photographer will have years of experience and completed professional development. This means that your photographer will have photographed hundreds of weddings and have years of experience in very different conditions (rain, hail, shine) with diverse settings (chapel, rainforest, church, beach) at all times of the day and night. Whereas, a cheap wedding photographer might only have photographed 2 weddings that were family members or staged photo sessions. Will the budget wedding photographer know how to wrangle 100+ guests for the group photo, capture candid moments without intruding, keep bridal party photos on schedule so your entrees don’t come out cold or have a high attention to detail?

Its important to remember that a professional photographer spends a lot of time prepping and then post editing. The prep work will include; scouting locations, making timelines, meeting with brides and groom plus ensuring all the details of family and shot lists are perfect. Then after the wedding day many, many, many countless hours editing each image to be colour corrected, cropped, edited and looking perfect. The software and professional development to complete this process with each image is expensive, labour intensive and takes time to learn. All so that you come away with high quality images that are ready to print at any size.

The behind-the-scenes considerations. Does your photographer have contacts that will print high quality, archival enlargements and albums so that your memories last forever? Do they have the proper insurance to cover any event or circumstance? Are they part of a professional body that will provide a photographer of similar standard, in case the worst happens and they are unable to photograph your wedding day?

Overall professional photographers cost a lot because you are paying for; equipment, experience, creativity, attention to detail and the behind-the-scenes factors. Like anything the old saying “You get what you pay for” holds weight. Remember photos are one of the most important parts of your day! When the special moment is over the photos are forever and hold the memories of all the emotions, details, family members and love. The images will be the part you display for generations. So when you are searching for a wedding photographer, try instead looking for a local. For instance; Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Southeast Wedding Photographer, Bayside Wedding Photographer, Redlands Wedding Photographer.