Courthouse Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Kate and Matt’s Wedding day:

What a glorious day celebrating love! Being Kate and Matt’s Courthouse Cleveland Wedding Photographer was such a pleasure! The photos speak for themselves with how in love these two are! Capturing their connection was such a joy! The weather on their wedding morning was very windy to say the least and a last minute decision was made to change the ceremony space to under the balcony at the Courthouse. This change didn’t phase either Matt or Kate who were just excited to tie the knot. With Kate writing her vows on the most beautiful piece of paper and tucking it in her wedding dress pockets!

During their pre-wedding consultation Kate identified the ceremony as the most important part of the wedding day. This played out as a very heartfelt and beautiful ceremony where Kate and Matt read their handwrote vows to each other. Then exchanged rings that were brought up by their mums. Scroll through the highlights to see the love!

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