Our top tips for stress free ‘getting ready’ photos!

Taking photos of the bride and groom before the ceremony is always great fun! There is such a sense of excitement in the air as everyone prepares for the big day ahead. We have photographed hundreds of weddings and love being a wedding photographer in the Redlands, in the South East corner of Brisbane! Here are our top tips to make getting ready on your wedding day stress free:

For the ladies:
  • Have your wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses hanging up all together so the photographer can do a hanging dress photo. You definitely don’t have to buy personalised coat hangers but something nicer than a thin metal/plastic one, makes for a more thoughtful detail.
  • Ask your hair and makeup artist to be finished a minimum 30minutes before the photographer is planning to arrive. That way if things run over you still have time up your sleeve. On the other hand, if everything goes to plan you have a window of time to; relax, have a glass of bubbles and calmly, check that everything is ready to go (e.g. have you packed your clutch/wedding bag with all the essentials).
  • Lay all your accessories out in an easy to find place. This includes: earrings, hair piece, rings, shoes, perfume, bracelet, necklace, garter, something special etc. That way you aren’t rushing around trying to find everything when the photographer wants to do your detail photos. Plus, then everything is already and in one handy spot for when you want to put on all your jewellery.
  • Have the flower girls getting ready with you so that they can be a part of the celebration. Plus, there is no limit on the number of cute photos you can have!
  • Before the photographer arrives check that your bouquet isn’t still sitting in water. If you take the time to dry the stems of your bouquets you won’t leave water spots on your dress when you hold your flowers for photos.
  • If you are going to do a letter exchanges, bridesmaids gifts, parent gifts etc, and would like photos. Have the gifts wrapped and ready to go so that you can spend the time capturing the beautiful emotions.
  • If you are getting ready at home, don’t be afraid to include your fur babies in some getting ready photos! They are definitely a member of the family and the photos will be adorable!
  • OVERALL: this is your special day! Make sure you are having fun. Don’t be afraid to put some music on and get the celebration started while you are preparing to say ‘I do’.
For the guys:
  • Have all the suits hanging up, make sure they are labelled though! When all the suits are hanging together it can be a bit confusing deciding whose suit is who’s, as they all look identical.
  • Have a shower, shave and do your hair but stay in your day clothes. The photographer loves to capture the chill vibes while you are hanging with the guys and wants to get you putting on your suit.
  • Gather all the extra accessories for yourself and the groomsmen (e.g., ties/bowties, suspenders, pocket squares, cuff links, button holes) before the photographer arrives. Have them all together in the one place.
  • If you are doing groomsmen gifts have them wrapped and ready to go so that you can enjoy the opening without all the running around prior.
  • Include the page boys in the fun! Can you organise for them to get dressed with the groomsmen so that you can get some adorable page boy photos?
  • Get the guys together in the morning to practice tie/bowtie tying if you are a bit out of practice. There are heaps of great videos on YouTube.
  • OVERALL: relax and enjoy the process! Put on some beats and pop a beverage. The more comfortable you feel while preparing the more relaxed your photos will look.

From years of experience as a wedding photographer in the Bayside we have so many ideas to make your wedding day and photos as stress free and fun as possible. We think that capturing the getting ready moments tells the whole story plus all all the important moments and details while you are sharing your last unmarried hours. These photos are a chance to bask in all the hard work of planning the day and seeing all that planning finally come together. As a Brisbane wedding photographer we would recommend including these moments in your photography package.