5 Reasons to choose an Elopement or Intimate Wedding



Elopements or intimate weddings are much more affordable than traditional weddings. This is because they dont require a large venue, catering services, or a lot of the extra wedding vendors, that means they are a great choice if you are on a tight budget. Therefore you can splurge on the details that matter most. We have lots of affordable wedding photography packages that can be tailored to suit exactly what you need for your wedding day.


Elopements are a great way to make your wedding day intimate and personal. You don’t have to worry about accommodating a large wedding party or guest list. This means they are less overwhelming than a traditional wedding. Including yourselves or a few dearest family/friends gives you the opportunity to focus on the special moments and create a truly intimate experience. 


Elopements and intimate weddings can be planned in a fraction of the time that it takes to plan a large wedding. This means less stress for you and your partner. You also don’t have the added stress of worrying about making sure everyone is happy. The decisions you make can be based solely on what you and your partner desire for your wedding day. This includes your wedding photography as you will be able to pick a photographer that suits your style, timeline and budget without anyone else’s input.  


Elopements allow you to spend more time with each other, which is the whole point of getting married. You dont have to worry about entertaining a large group of guests or making sure everyone is having a good time.


An elopement or intimate wedding can create unique memories that you and your partner will cherish forever. Because you can tailor your wedding to fit your exact vision. The smaller guest list means that you have the chance to really talk and connect with your guests and partner and create lasting memories. This means that your wedding photography will capture special moments that will be pure and intimate because of the unique moments you have created.

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